I’m one of those people who believe that everything happens for a reason…and I truly believe that if you categorize yourself as one of those people, you cannot pick and choose which situation to apply that belief to. It’s an all or nothing kinda mentality. You either apply it to every situation, good or bad, throughout your life…or you do not…and to me, that is what faith is.

It is the belief that there is a bigger picture. It is the knowing, the understanding, that different situations in life connect and it is our job to trust that process. Faith is about not always liking, not feeling comfortable and not making sense of what pops up in our life but trusting that it is happening to us for our growth. For our evolution. And for a reason.

I have been thinking lately that this pandemic is one of the hardest things many of us will ever have to go through. I have some days that are great, while other days are really difficult for me, between the disconnect from the outside world, distance from those I love, and constant bubble that I live in. Right now, a lot of people reading this probably read that last sentence and said to themselves, “yeah but you don’t NEED to live like that”- and you are correct. I choose to. Call it fear, call it being naive, even call it stupidity- but with my asthma I understand what it feels like to not breathe correctly….and after my first meeting with Covid, having the possibility of living outside my bubble and having more of a negative impact on my breathing, is just not worth it. Especially since I am a mother and wife now. But anyway, that was a tangent. Back to my point…

So here we are, living during a time that has happened before, however not really to the generations that are currently feeling it and definitely not to generations that were as privileged as we are. The Spanish flu was the most recent which lasted 3 years in 1918-1920 and killed 100 million people, while infecting 500 million within four successive waves. Before that, we have gone through the spread of AIDS which began in the 1980’s, Whooping Cough which took many lives in 2010 & 2014, different strains of the Flu and even things that seem like they were battled so long ago like Diphtheria, Measles and Polio. My point is that the human species has dealt with these scares before. We have been shaken up and lived to tell about it. Some of these events even led to positive things being created, like in AIDS because thankfully, AIDS is handled with a daily single pill rather than it being a death sentence. Some of these led to worldwide deaths and others, led to vaccines that have caused the issue to be a thing of the passed. Regardless of what the outbreak was, how it ended or what was done during the event….one thing was born throughout all of them which is no different than what we are going through now.

That is,

an increase in our consciousness.

Our awareness.

Our being

Going through this pandemic, having different rights taken away either by force or by fear, has birthed a new sense of understanding in all of us. So back to “everything happening for a reason”; maybe we needed to wake up? Some people are probably still sleeping. Some people are probably too caught up in their day to day to even notice the underlying lessons, while others are being rudely awakened every day. So my question to you, is where do you fall on this spectrum?

I fall, in the rudely awakened category. This pandemic has shaken me into seeing the world through a different lens. A lens, which will forever be my new sight. Living in this bubble, has made me look forward to the times ahead where fear of catching a virus, will not be my first thought when I leave the house…or when I do not need to remember to wear my mask in the public eye like a villain…or more importantly, a superhero.

I look towards the past with gratitude of all the times I gathered with my friends, inside a cozy room or outside under the night sky. The many times I walked the streets of NYC, freely following my souls journey alongside millions of other souls, all unmasked. Shaking hands with strangers to introduce myself, hugging those that I don’t see often, or being alongside strangers in an elevator,

are some of the things I took for granted, that I will never do again. That is what I mean, when I say

I have awakened.

That is what I mean, when I speak of the fact that “everything happens for a reason” and I think each of our own personal journeys with this pandemic, can be interpreted a little differently as long as our eyes are open. To me, this pandemic has really made me reflect on and appreciate the little things. The going food shopping and passing people in aisles to get a quick smile. A smile, that is currently covered by their mask. It is about all of the times I met friends somewhere, to catch up and hear about their lives in person, rather than over a phone or sitting with so much distance between us. The times that I could pick my family up from the airport without wondering about their 14 day quarantine, or even the riskiness of their trip to begin with.

I miss and now appreciate the freeness. The everyday, simple appreciation of life.

Seeing those that I love and embracing them. Taking a ride on the train into the city that I fell in love with, to go for a delicious meal amongst others. Sitting in a movie theater to watch a new movie with a buttered popcorn, that is way too much for me to eat, and a slurpee. Planning a vacation with the love of my life, to a secluded island somewhere to just enjoy each other. Having or hosting a birthday party without worrying about how many people we have coming and how risky we are being with every invitation. Dancing closely to strangers under the night sky and making friendships who only last the evening. Opening my house up to those I love rather than needing to gather outside and rent fancy porta pottys. Planning a wedding with every single person that I love, to celebrate the love I have with my better half. Bringing my son home from the hospital, without worrying about who was exposed to what, before they met this beautiful tiny human.

These are the simple pleasures that I miss.

These are the simple things that I realize now,

were taken for granted but will never be again.

I think a lot of people have been blind sided by this pandemic, but are so focused on the issue itself, that the lessons and gratitude for the simple things have not, and in some cases have still not, been identified. So many of us are focused on the lack, the issues, the restrictions, the negative changes; that we have lost sight of what we were able to learn from this difficult time. I even think many people are not even aware of that thought process.

The lessons.

The ability to evolve.

The forever changed lens

of our sight. Our awareness.

To me, this pandemic is much bigger than the virus itself. This pandemic to me, is an awakening. I will teach my son about the simple pleasures in life as he grows up, hopefully maskless. I will educate him on the need to appreciate the little things in life, because they can always be taken away. Life as we know it, can always change. That was proven to us in this last year and because of that, we need to move forward awake, with open eyes, appreciation in our hearts and a deep understanding in our souls.

Although I’d like to think that I have already always known this, this pandemic has taught me that nothing is more important than our health. Nothing is more important than being with family, friends and those we love during the time we have on this earth. Nothing is more important than finding and honing our peace. The one constant throughout this entire pandemic, has been ourselves. All of us, regardless where in the world we live, who we are, how much money we make or what we do, has had to find our peace. We have had to bunker down in our houses and stay still. Some of us more than others, but we have all had to learn a little bit about ourselves. I think the more at peace you are with yourself, the easier this is and even the most confident, peaceful person will still battle with themselves because we are human. Stillness, is very difficult because of what it brings. The boredom, the thinking, the self-reflection, the over analyzing but also, the awakening.

The most difficult, awful aspect of this pandemic, is that it has taken from us something that cannot be given back. Something that is limited and something that you usually do not know the value of, until it is too late. Do you know what that is?


This pandemic is somewhat of an oxymoron in the sense that although it has taken the most precious thing from us,

it has also taught us the value of that very thing. 

So, in conclusion to my rant, I want to let everyone know that if I sent this to you, it is because

you are a part of my awakening.

You are either one of the people I am lucky enough to see and have learned just how much I appreciate the simple things with such as sitting on the couch together, having quiet dinners with, going for walks with or just enjoying each others company outside…or, you are one of the people I have missed tremendously, I am so grateful for and cannot wait to hold close once again. Regardless, I will never take my time with any of you for granted, ever again. Even in the smallest ways.

I like to think I am one of those people who have always appreciated the little things, but this pandemic has really brought that to a new level. I am so grateful I am safe, in a cozy home, with my beautiful family and a mindset that I felt like sharing. Again, not all days are easy for me but today I woke up with a sense of gratitude for life and a vision that I wanted to share with those that I love. I woke up with excitement to have this entire pandemic behind us, and to live with the lessons and the new lens of my vision, to see forward with. I hope my thoughts have given you something to think about, a new perspective on this difficult time, or perhaps….a new lens to see with. 

Feel free to send this to those you miss, those you are care about or those you feel may benefit from a new lens.

I love you all.

With Love & Gratitude,