“If you believe everything happens for a reason,

you cannot choose when and where to apply it”

To my knowledge, there are two types of people in this world. Those who believe everything happens for a reason, and those who do not. The difference between these two people are substantial because the ones that do believe, are able to find a purpose and understand the little side journeys of life that we have to go through. The ones that don’t believe, spend a lot of their time, for lack of a better description, upset and confused. Why? because they cannot understand the side journey.

Even for those who do believe everything happens for a reason, at times we need a little reminding that this belief system, is an all or nothing type of belief. The reason for this, is because if you truly life your life by the ideology that “everything happens or a reason” but you only believe it sometimes, is that true faith? Believing that you have a path in this life, and that each journey you are put on, and each obstacle that you come across is there to help you grow, and to help mold you into a better human being; cannot only be applied when things are going great in your life. This thought process must be true for all the positives, and all the negatives. That is what faith is.

Your faith isn’t something that you have one day, and don’t have another. It is not something that you only believe in and turn to when your day is going great. Your true faith is determined by how many times you can continue on, when life gets tough. Its determined by how many times you can keep positive and continue on, in a negative situation. It is developed and strengthened while going through each hurdle in life. You cannot only have faith when you feel your life is on track, your faith in God, Yourself, and your Purpose; has to be there through all the good and the bad. Its what leads you through the darkness into the light.

So please, pick a side because once you do, you begin to see life through different lenses. You begin to understand the underlying reason for each obstacle in your way, and you begin to appreciate every step of personal growth and development that you obtain.

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