It didn’t take me long to come to the conclusion that my purpose in this life is to help people. I have been blessed with different experiences in my life, each one leading me to a deeper understanding about myself and about the life that I live. For starters, I was born with a rare condition called Tetrology of Fallot which forced me to have Open Heart Surgery at 19 months old, followed by four additional heart surgeries at 7, 9 & 23, and another Open Heart Surgery October 2016 to put in a Pulmonary Valve. Almost all of my surgeries happened without any problems, except my second one when I was 7 years old. Upon returning to my room, my femoral artery in my leg opened and I was an on the spot emergency. I bled out, saw the white light, and was calm after being told that “it wasn’t my time.” After receiving blood directly from my Dad, I was stable again and the experience was just a memory that became the basis for my spirituality later in life. My heart condition, and everything that has been associated with it, has taught me the value of family, life, strength and support, in addition to many other things.

In 2011, I created an organization called Imperfectly Perfect with the help of my business partner and best friend, Arinayo. Together, we set out to bring love and light to the world through increasing the outlet of support for people going through life altering situations. We have both learned first hand, me through my Heart Disease and him through battling Sickle Cell; that without a strong support system in this life, not only do you feel very alone; but life becomes a lot more difficult. We decided that our purpose in this life was to help whoever we can, however we can.

It wasn’t until my recent Open Heart Surgery, and going through all of the emotions leading up to it and during recovery, that I realized I wanted to focus my energy on helping children and their families who were going to lead a similar path as mine. I am thankful to have gone through all of my surgeries with my whole families support, but specifically my mom by my side. Having that support, completely changed the experience for me and gave me the passion to help others who are going through the same or similar situation. I am aware how grateful I am and want to be that source of gratitude for others.