I think with every year of life, our desire to understand our “why’ has to increase. I learned a long time ago that someone’s “why” is their purpose for living. For doing. For being. Tomorrow I turn 31 years old, and to say I have asked myself “why” for the past decade, is an understatement. As always when I write, it is my story, my journey and my life lessons…but I write things which effect every single person on this planet. I write because it is not only therapeutic, but, I hope that my journey can impact yours.

That being said, I don’t know how many people will take my next thoughts but…it is what it is. We live in 2019 and everything around us is labels. From the items we buy, to who we are, to what we want to be. I’m a little tired of it to be honest. If you know me, you know that I do not watch the news. Why? Because it is all negative. Yes, following history & key events in the world is important…but there is so much negativity…so much hate, that I cannot watch. We are living in a world that is obsessed with labels…but what about this one. HUMAN. Forget about your job, your sexual orientation, where you went to college, what gender you associate with. Bottom line is, we are human. We are connected, we are more alike than we think….and the sooner we come to those terms, the quicker humanity will evolve. More importantly, the quicker each of us will evolve by operating from a source of oneness. A source of love.

So, in honor of my birthday and all of the lessons I am so unbelievably grateful to be aware about…here we go.


#1. We are one.

I believe its about time to stop treating the people around us, as different. It is time to stop judging, to stop hating and to start supporting each other. Every single person in this world has a journey. We all came here, from our mothers…and we will all leave, one way or another. It is that simple. Each of our journeys, although incredibly different, are the same. We come here for a purpose (or so I would like to think). So, my question to you…is, why do any of us disapprove of another’s journey? The turmoil in this world, arises from judgement, negativity and ignorance. We are all guilty of it at some point or another…but the I think the goal is to be so aware of yourself, and your connection to everyone around you that you are able to catch yourself treating someone else poorly…and eventually, not do it at all. Each of us, every single day, has the ability to approach the people we cross paths with, with kindness. Every single person on this planet has something going on and you never know whose day you can impact just by being a little nicer…or the opposite, who is having a bad day where your comment, or nasty look can completely ruin or offset their life. I believe, the sooner humanity gets to the point of respecting each other, honoring our connection to each other, loving each other and supporting each other; the quicker we can become a population that changes the world.


#2. True Vibration

If you went to school, the first thing you learned in both chemistry & biology, is that “energy can only be transformed from one form to another, but it can be neither created nor destroyed”. This is the first law of thermodynamics. It is the law that governs our entire world. Literally. Well, aren’t we a part of that world? It is time that we wake up and accept our being is a lot more than just our physical…and, as Nicholas Tesla says “if you want to understand the universe, think in terms of frequency and vibration.” Every second, of every day, we give off a vibration. Our cells, our thoughts, our being. Every single thing we do in this life has its own currency; its own vibration. If you do not already, it is time that each and every one of us start paying attention to that vibration because, another thing you may (or may not) have learned, is that like attracts like. Law of attraction. If we are all vibrating at a certain pace (and yes, that is just another thing that makes every single person in this planet connected)- then, isn’t it important to pay attention to WHAT vibration we are operating at?

Our thoughts, create our emotions;

our emotions create our vibration;

and our vibration creates our reality.


If you want your life to change, you HAVE to change your vibration. You have to operate at a level where only positivity and possibilities can exist. Of course, some days are better than others…but even on the shitty days you need to realign, refocus and return to this understanding because


a positive mind will always yield a positive reality.


It is the only possible outcome.  Again, do not get me wrong. TRUST ME, I know that there are days where this is easier and days where it is much MUCH harder… but that is where our true nature arises. THAT, is our true vibration. Of course it is easy to keep your mind focused on the positive when things are going correctly. The challenge, is in the negative. The days where it is a struggle to find the positive. Where everything feels like its going wrong and you just want to curl up and cry. The times you find yourself repeating the negatives in your head and the “what ifs” because a certain situation completely consumes you. Trust me. I get it…and I am guilty of it at times. I really think it is part of human nature to do this when we something negative happens in our life, or we are in a difficult situation. What we need to understand and commit to, is that we do have the ability to be superhuman. We do that, by breaking that thinking cycle. By actively choosing the thoughts we want to think. Have you even ever thought about that? Or paid attention to what you tell yourself daily? I know it feels like you do not have a choice, that your mind just “runs wild” – well, HELLOOOOO…


its YOUR mind isn’t it? Control that thing.


It will be really difficult at first, but it is a muscle. The more you practice, the stronger (and easier) it will become.


#3. Trees are grounded, shouldn’t we be too?

Even writing that title gets me excited. The people who are very close to me in my life, all know that I love energy. The flow of it, practicing channeling it, using crystals, setting intentions, MANIFESTING; I just love it. Through my growth with all of this, I learned that I feel the best and operate at my highest ability; when I am grounded. So, how do you get grounded? I think for everyone it is a littleee different because you need to actually connect with the modality that you want to ground you…but, it all starts with intention. You need to actively want to be grounded and centered.


When I graduated with my Biology degree, we had to write a research paper on a topic of our choice. Most people did different diseases or other known parts of biology. I however, did mine on grounding. Specifically, “earthing” which is when you ground yourself, by coming in direct contact with the earth. (yes, that means no shoes. Foot to soil.)  Like us, the earth is controlled by energy. Every time lightening strikes, the earth is recharged with negative particles, specifically neutrons. There are approximately 5000 lightening strikes all over the world, every minute. You can imagine how strong the earths energy is?


So, by us connecting with the soil, the neutrons get transferred from the earth, to us. By doing this, the negative charge eliminates free radicals from our system which ultimately decreases inflammation, which so many diseases are caused by. It also helps our cardiovascular system! Additionally, this absorption of energy is able to balance our energy fields and GROUND us. Regardless who you are, or where you live. This tool is available to you. Maybe it is about time you use it and see the difference it makes in your life.


Besides earthing, you can ground yourself by meditation (which is not always sitting in a chair being quiet,) tai chi, deep breathing exercises and so many other ways! If this is the first you are hearing about all of this, I recommend doing some research and consciously committing to being aware of your energy field and staying grounded. The results will be phenomenal! Of course, it is not easy and most people will probably quit before they feel any results…but science doesn’t lie people. EVERYONE can get grounded and create a shift for the positive in their life.  This too is like a muscle…but the more you practice, the easier it will become. I am here to help if anyone needs guidance 😉


  1. If you don’t know where you want to go, how will you get there?

Nothing in life is ever guaranteed. Each and every one of us have no idea what tomorrow will bring and all we can control is the now. Funny, I guess that’s another thing we all have in common, huh? Anyway, what I have learned lately is that life is a big game of manifestation. I chose my words carefully with that sentence. Lets say it again,

Life is a big game of manifestation


For so many years, I felt like I was stuck. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, where I should live, I questioned some of my choices and overall; felt like I was on a hamster wheel. All I knew (and probably the reason I am so grateful for Imperfectly Perfect & everyone involved) is because that was my one constant growing up. I always knew I wanted to spend my life helping people. Everything else was kind of all over the place. It wasn’t until I started to ground myself and really focus on who I Am, that it occurred to me. If I didn’t know the direction I wanted my life to go in, how could I possibly get there? I needed some type of direction.


Once I came up with some type of a game plan for myself, my life began to shift.  I knew that I definitely wanted to move to the city (even though I had no job here, wasn’t sure how I would afford it, and it was my first time really living somewhat far from my family), that I wanted to continue to build IP and that I wanted to continue this journey of learning myself. I also created a dream board with items that resonated with me, to look at it daily and see my direction.


This game of manifestation, is an art and something that should excite your soul. It is aligning yourself with the correct vibrations, to attract what you want in your life and, it is available to all of us. It is so exciting to commit to wanting something and then watching it appear in your life…especially the crazier it is. You begin to witness just how powerful you really are. Of course you cant just have a single thought and expect it to show up; you need to create some type of action because you expect your manifestation to show up. About 6 months ago, I opened my apartment door and saw a big picture of Paris against the wall & up for grabs. So, I grabbed it- and it was that day that I committed to moving to a 1 bedroom. I put this giant picture right in the middle of my super small studio. I saw it every day, and every day it cutting into my space made me uncomfortable to the point where all I could think about, picture, and dream of was my 1 bedroom with a big white wall to hang it on. That feeling I got while visualizing the picture of Paris on my big white wall, created the emotions I needed to create the vibration that aligned me with move.  4 and a half months later, I was living in my 1 bedroom.


Every single day I see Paris hanging on my wall, I am reminded that I need to be the driver of my own life. Of course, shit happens; that’s life…but in between all the shit happening, we need to figure out what we want and how to align with that. What does your future look like? You don’t necessarily need specifics. They definitely help…but you have to start somewhere. The specifics will come with the more grounded you get. If you have not created a dream board of some sort, I would recommend doing that too. Of course, not everyone is going to be into this stuff, or even believe in it…most of those people probably stopped reading by now, but regardless that is your choice. All I can offer is my perspective, my journey…and my help if you need it!


  1. Fall in love everyday


All of us have difficult things going on. It is what it is. Everyone has their own journey and all we can do, is work to be the best version of ourselves, every single day….and I think that the best version of ourselves typically is operated from a place of love. Love for what we do, love for who we are around, love for things that excite us…and so much more. So, about a month or so ago I committed to finding one thing a day that I was genuinely in love with.

I wanted to fall in love every day, with something.


Doing this makes my good days, better…and my bad days, better. Win win.  So regardless what it is, at

some point in the day I am in a place of LOVE; of gratitude…and it helps me recharge. To refocus. When this thought process occurred to me, I was outside in the cold fresh air watching the sunset. The light reflected so beautifully off of the water, the way the water mirrored the picturesque sky, the colors that filled my view; the light smell of salt water, it was all incredible…and I realized the feeling I got when I was lost in that moment. It was a feeling I wanted to commit to feeling every day to help shift my energy and remind me what life is all about.


I think too often we judge ourselves, compare ourselves and get lost in either the past or the future. How many people get anxiety? I am guilty of it too. The truth is though, our anxiety is triggered usuallyyyyy by thinking about something in either the past or the future. Something that is 100% completely out of our control. The only moment we can control is the present and committing to falling in love every day with even the simplest of things, reminds me of that. To be present. To be an active part in creating my life and choosing my thoughts, emotions and ultimately, my being.