You cannot have a bad day, when you remain positive throughout it.

Why? Its physics…it is impossible for two things to exist in the same space.

As long as you carry positivity and gratitude with you throughout the day, and focus on that;

negative feelings or emotions cannot exist.

Exactly two months ago from today, on October 14th 2016 at 8:15am, I was already in the operating room for an hour getting prepped…my Open Heart Surgery was about to start. I cannot help but to feel incredible gratitude for my entire procedure going well, my recovery being fast, and the friends and family that I have around me.

I always knew this surgery was going to happen, so I had plenty of time to process it as well as preparing mentally and physically. Leading up to my surgery,  I would always get asked the question “are you scared?”- and the answer was always the same, No- I wasn’t. I didn’t feel scared because I knew I was doing my part, and God would do his. This was one of the situations in life, where it was out of my control for the most part. Whatever was going to happen, was going to happen, with or without my being scared or stressed. I decided to focus my energy on being positive, and surrounding my body with the right energy.

Right up until my surgery, not only was I conscious of what I kept around my body, what I put in my body, and the mental state I was in everyday- but I spent time and energy preparing my body for what was going to happen. I spoke to my body, my cells, my tissues, my bones, my heart- about what was coming in the next few days, and how we were going to recover from it. Did I speak literally to my body? Yes. I used time before bed and in the morning, to feel my body, and to send energy to the specific parts. I did this because there has to be some type of mind/body connection throughout life, and I knew that my surgery could have been very difficult if I didn’t prepare myself…so thats what I did.

My surgery itself went well, I did not need a transfusion which is common among major heart surgeries, I was up and walking from my bed within 24 hours of surgery, I was out of the hospital in four days, and I was back in the gym exactly 30 days after I had my surgery. I owe all of this, besides to my incredible support system, I owe it to my mind. I was prepared, determined, and motivated to get through this surgery and return to life. I was committed to having my surgery, being out of the hospital quickly, recovering quickly, and getting back to the gym- and thats what I did. Was it tough? Absolutely. Were there time I was exhausted from the pain? 100%. But regardless of the pain, no matter how tired I was, I found a way to be positive. I woke up each morning with gratitude that I had a beating heart.

Today as I reflect on the past two months I am, and will continue to be, in gratitude all day. Its amazing to me how much can happen in such a small time frame. Every day I wake up, my first thought is to thank god that I am alive. Another day on this planet, another chance to do my part in making peoples lives and this world great, another day to fall in love, another day to laugh and surround myself with amazing people.

For whoever is reading this, the next time that you are having a bad day…please take a step back. Take a deep breath and be thankful that you are alive. As you take your step back, stop to feel your heart beat, feel the blood run through your veins, the air in your lungs, the energy and power you have in your soul…and make a list. Name 10 things you are grateful for in that moment. Change the power of your mind to focus on the positive, so that the negative will cease to exist. Is this an easy practice? No, not all the time- but its like a muscle, the more you practice, the easier it will become. I think many of us overlook the power that we possess, which means we are doing ourselves a disservice. Our mind has such healing abilities, that it is time more of us tap into that potential. Become aware of yourself, your body, and the power of your mind. Once you learn how to successfully use that tool, you will never stop, and your life will be forever changed. I promise.


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