As my first blog post, I would like to say thank you. Thank you to everyone who has ever supported Imperfectly Perfect,  myself, and my partner Arin. When I thought to create this organization, I didn’t stop to think where it would lead me, I just knew I had to start it. I was 22 years old, had my fourth heart surgery coming up, and was sitting talking to my mom about my thoughts regarding surgery- and it hit me. What would people do if they didn’t have the right support? I have had the unbelievable support from my entire family since I was younger, but my mom has been my hero. She has been next to me from day 1, every fight I fought, she fought with me. The thought that I would be a very different person if I didn’t have the support I had, inspired the idea for Imperfectly Perfect.

I wanted to be the support for people who needed it. 

That being said, I am so grateful for everyone who has been a part of this journey with me. Everyone who is reading this, everyone who has donated their story, everyone involved in iP’s fundraisers, all of our donors and people who have contributed, and especially my entire iP team. This is not something I am able to do alone and each one of you have been a part of my dream, and for that- I say thank you!  I need to say a special thank you to my partner Arin, thank you for having the same dream as I do, thank you for using your own experiences in life as a platform to help people, and thank you for being a role model, not only for me but for everyone who is lucky enough to cross paths with you.

I wanted to create this blog because I think its important that people who are interested in Imperfectly Perfect, understand where it started and why. I am not one of those people who have grown up knowing what they wanted to be in life, all I knew, is that I wanted to help people…and this is where it has led me. So again, thank you to everyone who has helped my dream manifest. We have a long way to go, but within the last 5 years, we have helped many people, we created and implemented a campaign called “T.H.I.S” (Together Helping Improve Self-esteem), we have collaborated with a very well known hospital, Northwell Health, and we have began to leave our legacy.

Imperfectly Perfect is not one person, but it is all of us coming together for the greater good. It is all of us putting in our effort to create change within the younger generations, and to spread positivity and love wherever we can.

“Those who are blessed with a struggle in life,

Are equally blessed with the gift to inspire”



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